19 of the Best Protein Treatments for Natural & Curly Hair

Every person with natural hair needs a good balance of both protein treatments and moisture in the hair’s strands in order to have the healthiest hair possible. Some people may be protein sensitive, while others may need what seems like a ton! Before you use any products with protein it’s best to start slow and make sure you actually need protein first. First, we’ll list our top protein treatments for natural hair, then some tips on how to tell if you need it.

Without further adieu, here are what we consider to be the best protein treatments for natural hair!

Top Protein Treatments for Natural Hair

Deep Penetrating Treatments:

  1. Joico k-pack deep penetrating constructor

  2. Briogeo don’t despair, repair! Deep conditioning mask

  3. My honey child hair mask

  4. Curl junkie curl fix intensive hair treatment

  5. Curly hair solutions pure silk protein deep moisturizing treatment

  6. Mop Top Deep Conditioner

  7. Giovanni Smooth as Silk Xtreme

  8. Reconstructors:

  9. Aphogee 2 step protein treatment

  10. Curl junkie repair me! Reconstructive hair treatment

  11. Devacurl heaven in hair

  12. Light treatments:

  13. Audrey GBP conditioner

  14. Tresemme split end remedy conditioner

  15. Organic root stimulator olive oil replenishing conditioner

  16. Bee mine avocado cream balanced conditioner

  17. Blended beauty curl quenching conditioner

  18. Palmers protein pack – good for as-needed use


    Let’s not forget HOMEMADE Protein treatments!

    17-19. Egg yolks, mayo, evoo, avocados, and gelatin are all said to be great DIY protein treatments for a homemade recipe.


19 Best Protein Treatments for Natural Hair via CurlyConnection.com

How to know if your hair needs more protein

Here’s how you’ll know you need a regular protein product or occasional protein treatment:

  • Your hair is dry, brittle, and breaks easily
  • You have a lot of heat or chemical damage
  • You have high porosity hair naturally

If any of this sounds like you, check out the products in this post to get started! You can either start off with a gentler product like a protein conditioner, or you can go full force with a reconstructor off the bat (like I did when I saved my hair after it was fried with bleach.)

Types of Protein

There are many types of protein when it comes to curly hair products. A few of the most common ones are:

    • Keratin
    • Silk protein
    • Collagen, which improves elasticity
    • Soy protein
    • Wheat protein, thought to be strengthening

The type of protein you use and how often you use it will depend completely on your hair’s needs and will be different for every head of hair.

Always make sure you moisturize effectively no matter what protein treatment you’re using.

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