5 Tips for Going Curly Girl

Let’s face it, ladies, we who are blessed with naturally curly hair don’t always find it a blessing. In fact, we often use product after product and hot styling options to iron out those unruly curls while the health of our hair pays the price. When we finally realize we want to embrace our naturalness and transition to the curly girl method it seems our hair no longer wants to cooperate. If you are experiencing the annoyance of going natural, allow these 5 tips for helping you get into the curly girl method to make it easier.

  1. Stop Using the Wrong Products!
  2. Take your regular bottle of shampoo and scan through the ingredients. You are likely to find sulfates in the mix. Sulfates are what cause your shampoo to suds and they give you that squeaky clean feel women mistakenly think they need. If you are using sulfate shampoos, you are actually stripping your hair of moisture. As any curly haired gal knows, dry hair becomes a powder puff poof very quickly! You can use our website to find the best shampoo for your curls

    Along with cutting sulfate out of your hair care mix, you must also stop using products that contain silicone (which is a lot of them). While this ingredient is meant to give shine, it weighs the hair down and can cause buildup which leads to frizz. Save the silicone for when you actually want to weigh down those curls, like when you are going straight.

  3. Stop Shampooing Daily and Start Co-Washing
  4. If you have never heard of co-washing, you may have a vision of sharing a shower with someone else. Though fun, this is not the type of co-washing we are discussing here. Co-washing removes shampoo entirely from the picture and replaces it with conditioner. When conditioner is used for co-washing, it is massaged into the scalp and rinsed through the hair. Then, your curls will be perfectly defined, springy and shiny. With this method, you will only have to cleanse your hair once or twice a week. Some women go up to ten days before cleansing their hair.

  5. Dry Your Hair the Right Way
  6. If you want to try the curly girl method, you must say goodbye to your hair dryer. Honestly, it has never been your friend! Instead of using a dryer, simply use a microfiber cloth like the ones by Aquis or an old T-shirt and gently press the water from your hair. If you’d like to get fancy on us, try plopping. (Do NOT wrap or rub your hair with a towel!) Gently detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb (the wider the better). Gently scrunch your hair to set the curl pattern and then leave it alone.

  7. Get the Right Cut
  8. Layers are the way to go when it comes to getting the perfect cut for the curly girl method. Unfortunately, most women don’t have a clue how long their layers should be. A good rule of thumb is to remember: The tighter your curls, the longer your layers. Ladies with loose waves can go with choppier layers while tightly bound curls need longer layers so the look doesn’t become bushy. Find a stylist who knows how to make curly hair rock and stick with them!

  9. Find the Right Products to Keep Your Curly Girl Style
  10. Finding the right products to enhance your curls will keep the look healthy and stylish. We are here to help make it easier for you to find the perfect products to make your curls look better than ever. Browse through our extensive catalog of products and reviews so you can find the perfect products for your particular type of curl. By reading through our reviews, you can be sure the product you are purchasing is curly girl method recommended.

Ready to stop taming your girls and instead embrace them? Try these easy steps to have you on your way towards achieving better curls using the curly girl method. Though it takes a bit of a transition period, you will soon love your soft, silky, shiny curls! Have questions — read through our many curly blog articles and learn more.

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  1. Reply 3ellamary October 7, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    I glad I came up in here and read the tips so i can care for my hair better. Lossing so much hair and so dry.

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