Devacurl Styling Cream vs Supercream – What’s the Difference?

Hello curly babes! Today I’m answering a question I’ve seen some confusion about around the curly internet… what’s the difference between Devacurl’s Styling Cream vs Supercream?

Both of the Devacurl creams are intended for softness PLUS hold. The difference is how much moisture and hold your hair really needs.

When Devachan first launched the styling creams, it wasn’t very clear that the Supercream styling cream was different at all from the Styling Cream. But a bit of digging recently has clarified the differences between them, so I thought I’d share them with you.

From Devacurl’s own blog:

Styling Cream: This is the cream for curls that just need a little extra moisture, it will help maintain definition with a soft hold, that’s totally touchable (whether you let strangers touch your hair or not, that parts up to you).
SuperCream: If your hair is super thirsty (no matter how many deep conditioning treatments you use) and needs even more moisture, but you still want that soft hold, this is your holy grail.


Then, on another blog post, they answer a reader’s question:

I have several Deva products and I’m still waiting to figure out which products will not leave my 2c/3a Botticelli curls feeling dry on the ends (gel) or limp all over with lots of frizz ( supercream, styling cream, b’leavin). Really getting exasperated.


SuperCream would be too much for your wavy/curly hair Kathleen.You would want Wave Maker or Styling Cream. For your No-Poo or Low-Poo and One Condition, you will want Delight or Original. Without seeing your hair or knowing what you are using and how you’re applying, it is difficult for us to help adjust your routine. If you want, we have #AskTheCurlCoach on FB every Wednesday. You can submit a pic and tell us what’s going right and what you need help on.


So here’s the 411 on Supercream vs Styling Cream:

IF YOUR HAIR IS SUPER CURLY and needs a lot of moisture… use the Supercream.

IF YOUR HAIR IS REGULAR CURLY and needs moisture but can get weighed down.. use the Styling Cream.

Lastly, if your hair is just wavy but you still want to use a cream, try their Wave Maker!

XO We hope that helps 🙂

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